graphic design

Communication has become a basic requirement of the globalised world and is now an industry on its own right, while the development of infocommunication technologies makes the circulation of an ever-increasing volume of information possible. In today’s world the visualisation of content has become the most important tool of interpretation – and that is the very field of graphic design. In the diversified world of communication design, it is the graphic designer who has the highest level of understanding the unique characteristics of the picture and the typographically formulated text, and the interaction of these two. The parallelism of pictorial and textual narrative characterises the most important fields of graphic design, let it be poster, book, visual identity or online, interactive, digital medium.

MOME’s Graphic Design department defines itself as a progressive intellectual workshop responsive to contemporary trends, while emphasizing global values. In addition to being dedicated to the common human principles, the European intellectual ideals and the Hungarian cultural heritage, social innovation is also an important task of the department. At the same time, the professional responsibility represented by the department also covers the study of the basic social issues of our times with the aim of becoming an active participant in the global discourse recognising the inevitable necessity of finding solutions.

All these aims are to be achieved through an artistic mentality, by cooperating with related professional and art fields, as well as fields of theory and science, while adopting the tools of experimentation, research and innovative development.

The courses offered by the department aim at developing a responsible design and creative mentality that incorporates social responsibility and environmental approach as its integral and inseparable part. We educate professionals who become progressive, leading characters of their professional fields beyond market competitiveness.

In order to achieve that, our courses coherently strengthen a design attitude that is based on continuous experimentation, analytical and integrated thinking, cooperation with related fields, as well as uncompromising quality, where the development of creative, innovative and collaborative skills is of outstanding importance.

Head of Department: Balázs Vargha, senior lecturer