Media Practice is the visual foundation course of the Media Institute. It takes place in the first BA semester.

The course focuses on educating participants about the attitude, sensitivity, as well as the designer and problem-solving mind-set required by the Institute’s different fields of study through learning a common visual protolanguage.

Aims of the Media Practice course:

  • learning basic visual presentation and imaging skills,
  • creation of a common knowledge base for all the students of the Media Institute,
  • learning the media literacy characteristic of the institute,
  • learning a comprehensive visual communication skillset, including basic photography, digital imaging, moving picture editing, typography and presentation skills.

One of the most important characteristics of the course is that students do not participate separated according to their disciplines. The practical classes and the assignments that are mostly related to each other are based on teamwork and cooperation, thus helping students studying at the four departments of the institute getting to know each other and learn integrated thinking.

The Media Practice course consists of three-week modules that create a content structure; within the modules different, successive assignments are given to participants. In addition to focusing on their content, the assignments of the different modules call the students attention to problem-solving processes and model different ways of design thinking.