media design

The ever-changing world of digital media brings exciting challenges to media designers and artists. Not only new ideas and creativity are required, but he or she has to be capable of a comprehensive and critical approach, emphatic thinking and reliable, convertible work methods, as well. The interdisciplinary programs of MOME’s Media Design department prepare the students for this.

During the three years of the BA program, we explore the different fields of audio-visual media, from objective narrative forms and different fields of multimedia design, to complex network projects, through a wide range of complementary and intertwining theoretical and professional classes, technical practices and thematically structured practical modules. In addition to the teachers of the department, the professional classes are led by well-prepared professionals of the given field. By the end of the educational program, each student develops his or her professional portfolio that serves as a perfect reference for launching his or her career in the field of applied film, television broadcasting, advertising, media visual design, UX design, media art, or online content service.

The two-year Media Design MA program has two focuses. On one hand it offers the theoretical and practical foundation needed to help graduate media designers enter the different fields of digital media as leading contributors of professional fields. Students work in comprehensive theme-based projects in the framework of professional team works that emphasize the present-day social embeddedness and principal issues of digital media. The other focus of the program is the development of a thesis and a master work based on individual work supported by consulting offered by the department.

Participating in MOME’s multimedia doctoral program (DLA) is a further possibilty for graduates.

Head of Department: János Szirtes, university professor