The aim of MOME Photography is to educate photographers of extensive professional knowledge who are capable of formulating pictorial messages, narratives based on the special skillset of photography, while incorporating the philosophical, sociological and artistic aspects of different interpretations related to the field. The courses offered by the department help students in evolving their aesthetic and conceptual skills, as well as support them in learning the professional use of photography.

The interdisciplinary knowledge gained in the BA program, enables graduates to play an effective role in the visual culture, either independently or by working in teams with representatives of other professions.

The MA program aims at educating photographers who have extensive knowledge in the fields of visual culture, photography theory, cultural history and media studies, and are capable of building an independent art, creative and research career, of continuous artistic renewal, while preserving a critical approach to the use of media. Graduates have the knowledge and the skillset to develop, create and realise photography projects, either independently or in cooperation with the representatives of other art fields. They are well prepared to present their professional knowledge, and also to represent and apply it in an international context. Beyond all this, they are qualified to continue their studies in a doctorate program.

Head of Department: Gábor Máté, senior lecturer