Media Institute

Upon the dawn of information society, the role and importance of media and media arts increased significantly. In parallel with that, the continuous change of our professional world and our activities is sensible. Nowadays, everyone literally holds the tools for creating, publishing, playing content, reaching and influencing mass communication in his or her hand. All this has changed social and cultural systems, the habits of earlier times.
Another irreversible effect of technological development is the change of creative processes. In a professional environment, the convergence of science and art is not only the elusive promise of the future, but the reality of the present day.
That is the spirit that moves the Media Institute of MOME as well. The high level work of our four knowledge centres – animation, graphic design, media design and photography – creates the basis for our approach of contemporaneity and progressivity.
It is our aim and responsibility to offer intellectual ammunition and effective tools for our students for continuous development. It creates the possibility for them to become the defining actors of their environment, to have the chance to enrich and modernise the values and attitude of our society in an ever-changing world.
“Working and living in a kind of inbetween space and time, our students let the influences of the external world mix with their internal world: this constant need for the flow between external and internal is the basis of the creative process, during which their open and curious intellect rephrase and redefine experience while creating form and content.”